MEC’s Boarding School Counseling Mission for International Students

/MEC’s Boarding School Counseling Mission for International Students
MEC’s Boarding School Counseling Mission for International Students 2015-02-09T20:46:33+00:00

Our mission for boarding school-bound students is to identify boarding schools that suit each student’s personality, interests, and academic abilities, and then help students prepare for and apply to American boarding schools.

Our full-service menu includes all of the necessary elements for student success:

  • We will meet with each student via Skype and email to develop an individualized plan of action for boarding school preparation. Preparation and registration for necessary standardized tests, including the SSAT and TOEFL, will be covered.
  • In order to compile a list of appropriate boarding schools to fit each student’s academic abilities and needs, we will assess his or her academic preparedness through factors including coursework, grades, and English-speaking and writing fluency. Establishing a list of schools will give students a clear idea of their options along with the expectations for each school.
  • We will work with each student to simplify the application process and ensure that applications are filled out correctly and completely. We will provide instruction and oversight throughout the entire application process.
  • Many boarding schools require personal essays. Each student will work with us to brainstorm essay topics to choose the most advantageous subjects and answer the prompt. Through the feedback we’ll provide on each essay’s content and grammar, students will be confident that their finished products will exemplify their individuality and merit. Boarding schools also require letters of recommendation. We will ensure that students have these and all other necessary requirements completed.
  • Students will be interviewing with prospective boarding schools. To have a successful interview, students must follow interview-etiquette and be able to articulate their reasons for wanting to attend an American school. We will practice these components so students will be comfortable in their interviews.  Should the school require an on-campus interview, we will assist with making the necessary arrangements.
  • If students are accepted into more than one school, we will assist them in making the best possible choice based on academic programs, school size, and geography, etc.
  • If students are interested in experiencing American life and culture before going to boarding school, they can take advantage of a wide variety of educational and social opportunities during the summer in the U.S.  We will help students identify and apply for summer courses and camps, held on college and private-school campuses.


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